2017 Meeting Dates

Paul Connery.jpg

Wednesday 22nd March

Paul Connery - The secret to a Thinner, Healthier You and why Everything you've been told until now is probably wrong

Paul Connery is a Chiropractor and also offers Life Coaching, Nutrition and Weight Loss Services.


Wednesday 19th April

Matthew Phillips - a year through the eyes of a gamekeeper at Beaulieu

Villain, Hero, Scourge of Foxes, Poacher’s Nightmare, Conservation Champion. Say the word 'gamekeeper' and a host of images fly into the mind. But what is life like for a twenty first century gamekeeper?


Wednesday 24th May

Nicholas Hawkin – The Russell-Cote Art Gallery & Museum

In 1901 Merton Russell-Cotes gave his wife Annie a dream house on a cliff-top, overlooking the sea. It was an extraordinary, extravagant birthday present – lavish, splendid, and with a touch of fantasy.  They filled this exotic seaside villa with beautiful objects from their travels across the world, and lined the walls with a remarkable collection of British art, creating a unique atmosphere in a most dramatic setting. A home, an art gallery and a museum.
Then they sealed it in time, and gave it to the future.


Wednesday 28th June

Liz Prest - "I've got nothing to wear" - but oh yes you have!

  • Liz opens the wardrobe doors for a lively & helpful look at how to make the most of your items hanging & stored there. With thoughts of what we like to wear and when, to lifestyle and occasions, she will also talk about the summer trends and shopping in the sales


Wednesday 26th July

Indonesian Cooking With Yayu

Watch Yayu cooking up some tasty treats, learn some new skills and of course, try some tasty morsels!


Wednesday 23rd August

Hazel Wilson - The Undercover Agent

A lively and entertaining talk about Hazel’s life as a corsetiere!


Wednesday 27th September

Martin Stewart - The History of Stewarts Garden Centre

In 1955 Martin Stewart’s father Edward opened the very first garden centre in the country, by converting old nursery potting sheds in Ferndown. His idea came when he was visiting America in 1953 to keep in touch with horticultural developments. Part of his innovative vision with Christchurch was to open a coffee shop at the centre, which was unheard of at that time

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Wednesday 18th October

Sandi Ferguson – Quilts of the Oregon Trail

Sandi will talk about the first hand accounts and diary entries of the women who travelled the Oregon Trail between 1840 and 1870. Unlike quilts made for warmth and protection, some Oregon Trail quilts were kept as heirlooms, as visual records of human experiences. She will have several large quilts on display.


Wednesday 29th November

Martin Fielding - My Life as a Vet (Dorset's James Herriot)

Martin looks back at memorable moments from his time as a veterinary student through to retirement from his Dorchester practice five years ago. During his long and varied career his patients ranged from pet spiders to a circus elephant – with everything in between. He says that often the funny side of treating an animal is dealing with the owners!

Red Christmas Baubles

Wednesday 20th December

Christmas Party

Come and join us for an evening of festivities and some fantastic surprise entertainment!