2018 Meeting Dates

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Wednesday 31st January

Valerie Young - ‘Social History of Bletchley Park’

A fascinating talk on growing up in Bletchley before and after the war, including stories of her mother’s work there on codes, computers etc. during the conflict.


Wednesday 21st February

Trisha Lewis - ‘Committee of 65’

Trisha Lewis has created a talk to celebrate the WI Centenary. Conducting extensive research through the archives at Winchester, Trisha looked into the WI of 1965 - our Golden Jubilee Year and created various characters to tell the story


Wednesday 21st March

Tracy Baines - ‘Telling Stories – My Family & Other Lies’

Tracy is a freelance writer and her short stories have been published in magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly, Best, Take A Break, The People’s Friend, Candis and The Weekly News as well as many other magazines here in the UK and internationally.


Wednesday 18th April

Brownsea Island

A fascinating insight to the history and work that is undertaken on Brownsea Island.


Wednesday 23rd May

Katherine Crouch, BBC Gardener of the Decade - ‘New Tricks    for Old Gardeners’

A highly recommended Powerpoint presentation about low maintenance gardening


Wednesday 27th June

Hazel Wilson & Jenny Lynwood - ‘Sisters’

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Wednesday 18th July

Dinah Warnock - ‘Changes in Fashion – 20th Century’

Dinah worked in the fashion industry as a shoe designer for Edward Rayne – now there’s a dream career –  and she's created a very professional slideshow depicting what women have been wearing since the late 1880’s – this was a time when women grew up either “belonging” to their father or later, on marriage, to their husband.

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Wednesday 15th August

Howard Nichols - ‘Lifeboat on the Road’

An amusing and unusual story of  Howard's life on the road with a training school on wheels.


Wednesday 5th September

Mike Spencer - ‘Tales from the West Dorset Coast’

From Lyme Regis to Abbotsbury the West Dorset coast is an area rich in stories, folklore and tradition. There are tales of the rich, the poor, the visionary, the foolhardy, the everyday and the downright bizarre. From the locals’ relentless struggle against nature to the bravery of man’s best friend, it’s all here!

Colourful Pile of Old Books

Wednesday 17th October

Call My Bluff

Can you work out which is the correct answer from this head scratching set of options?


Wednesday 28th November

Louise Jordan - ‘No Petticoats Here’ Talk & Songs

No Petticoats Here is a project that tells the stories of remarkable women of the First World War through song.


Wednesday 19th December

Christmas Party

Join us for a great night of entertainment, friendship and nibbles.