2019 Meeting Dates


Wednesday 30th January

Annual Meeting – Social Evening

Wednesday 27th February

Frances Carlaw ‘A Passion for Pearls’

Wednesday 27th March

David Bailey ‘Wildlife Photography’

Wednesday 24th April

Deb Cruttenden ‘Totty’s Good Life – Eco Beekeeping’

Wednesday 29th May

Valerie Young ‘Nursing in the 60s & 70s’

Wednesday 26th June

Sandi Ferguson ‘Quilts of the Oregon Trail’

Wednesday 31st July

Nick Thomas ‘My Life as a Freelance Comedy Writer’

Wednesday 28th August

Suzanne Kempe ‘New Forest Ponies’

Wednesday 25th September

Kay Townsend ‘My Life on the Fairground’

Wednesday 30th October

Martin Fielding ‘My Life as a Vet – Part 2’

Wednesday 27th November

Kathy McNally ‘Spying: The Great Game’

Wednesday 18th December

Christmas Party

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