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Celebrating Absolutely WI's 15th Anniversary

On Wednesday 27th September, Absolutely WI in Ferndown, Dorset marked its 15th birthday with a vibrant celebration held at the Barrington Theatre.

The night was lit with the moves of Yiannis Tsenkos, a Greek dance master who led the crowd on a merry dance through the art of Greek Dancing. Everyone was caught up in the rhythm, clapping and tapping along with each step. The party reached a fever pitch as Yiannis and the audience danced the night away, following the lead of the skilled dancers.

The astonishing milestone was also celebrated with Delectable Cakes - Barbara Cousins crafted two magnificent cakes for the occasion – one was a delicious coffee and walnut cake, while the other was a mouth-watering lemon drizzle. It's no surprise that by the end of the night, not a single piece remained.

This celebration was a testament to the WI's growth and the committee's unwavering dedication. Absolutely WI is all about bringing women together for a smashing good time! Whether it's jaw-dropping talks, thrilling excursions, or fun activities like strolling, reading, shopping, or eating out, we've got it all. Think of us as a giant clubhouse where like-minded ladies can get together, chat, and soak up life.

We're not just your average WI - we're one of the biggest, most energetic, and friendliest groups in the whole of Dorset. Our fantastic committee makes it happen with a non-stop calendar of meetings, crafts, quizzes, events, and outings that are sure to knock your socks off! With monthly meetings, inspiring talks, fascinating outings, and activities that run the gamut from walking to book clubs to dining out, our members are a diverse bunch from all walks of life. So, there's no need to worry about fitting in - we'll welcome you with open arms!


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