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A poem that sums up what WI is actually like versus some people’s misconceptions!


‘Will you be singing Jerusalem?’ she asked with scorn

Well, on special occasions, but it’s not the norm

‘I expect you’ll be learning to make jam and curd’

Not really, I don’t know what it is you’ve heard

‘I know the WI is about all that is twee'

You clearly have no idea, it seems to me

Our membership covers all ages, young and old

We welcome all women into our fold

The stuff we do is interesting and fun

To be honest, I believe we can’t be outdone

For thought provoking speakers, fantastic crafts

Amazing parties and lots of laughs

We go on walks and trips to see shows

Book clubs, netball, anything goes

We campaign about things that really matter

And of course, love cake and a good old natter

The WI is about friendship

I’m sure you’ll agree

If you forget what you’ve heard and just come and see!


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