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Absolutely WI Launches it’s New Website

Absolutely WI, Ferndown's branch of the Women's Institute, is pleased to announce the launch of it’s brand-new website! After many weeks of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to launch our new website officially.

Our aim, with our new website, is to provide our members with an easier way to learn about our activities and services and to allow them to book and pay online.

The new website is interactive and gives better access to WI information and activities. In addition, our current and prospective members will find helpful information about our meetings and clubs on our website's home and events pages.

We hope you like the new website with its fresh look and easy to access information. We will constantly update our content with helpful information, articles, newsletters and announcements in the News section. We want to establish our website as a source of information for those who visit it.

Joyce Coleman, President of Absolutely W.I. said "We would like to thank John Cousins, who kindly donated his time to create and build this new site, for Absolutely W.I. His ideas and knowledge made the process easy and will allow our members to tap into our enormous library of information and events."

About Absolutely WI

Absolutely WI is one of the largest, most active and friendly WI's in Dorset. Absolutely WI was started in October 2009 and has grown from there. We are a modern WI with a great Committee who organise all our meetings and crafts, quizzes, events and outings for all our members. We are a group where you can find friendship, a sense of belonging and learn new crafts.

Absolutely WI provides members with monthly meetings, interesting and enlightening talks, fun outings and numerous activities, including a walking group, a book club, and dining events.

The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, take part in a wide variety of activities, and campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.


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