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A Great Dining Experience at Spikes Bistro

It's always great to hear about people enjoying a lovely meal in a relaxed atmosphere. The WI members at Spikes Bistro certainly seem to have had a wonderful time. With three menus to choose from, it's no wonder they were spoiled for choice.

The lasagna, fresh salad, chips, and garlic bread sound like a delicious combination. It's always a pleasure to catch up with friends over a meal, and trying out new venues is a fantastic way to keep things interesting.

The meal was located at Dudsbury Golf Club, Hotel & Spa. This well-designed bistro is situated on the ground floor of the clubhouse and has a relaxed atmosphere.

Going out for a meal with your friends is a wonderful experience. It's an opportunity to catch up on each other's lives while indulging in delicious food. The atmosphere, whether it's a fancy restaurant or a cozy café, is always lively and enjoyable, making for an unforgettable time.

Following the meal, the group collectively decided to venture out and discover new locations. With growth comes the desire for more diverse experiences, rather than remaining within the confines of Ferndown.

Join us at The Pear in West Parley on November 8th at 12:30pm for our next gathering. We're also open to suggestions for our February venue, so be sure to share your ideas during our time at The Pear.

Here's hoping that the next meal is just as enjoyable as the last!


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